NBA Rumors: Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant Decided To Team Up Before Season Began


Remember when Kyrie Irving promised to re-sign with the Boston Celtics? Well, he might have been lying through his teeth when he spoke to season ticket holders last October.

With the star guard set to team up with Kevin Durant and join the Brooklyn Nets, it’s clear that Irving is not a man of his word. But, according to Bleacher Report’s Howard Beck, Irving knew he was full of crap when he delivered that infamous preseason promise.

“Durant and Irving were going to play together, somewhere, in 2019,” Beck wrote in a column published Monday. “That’s what they resolved over a series of conversations before this season even began, according to knowledgeable sources.”

Beck noted that Durant and Irving weren’t set on where they would play together. Both New York-based teams were on the list, but the Celtics reportedly were an option if Irving’s second year with the C’s went well.

“The city was TBD. The goal was clear,” Beck wrote.

However, New York seemed like the priority from the start. Check out this excerpt:

“Initially, Irving and Durant discussed joining forces with the Knicks. Irving, who was raised in New Jersey, liked the idea of playing close to home. Durant, who was launching a media company in New York, liked the potential synergy, as well as the chance to be closer to his family in Maryland.

“But that plan quickly lost steam as the Knicks lost their way. New York won just 17 games with a haphazard roster and a collection of underachieving young prospects. The Nets, meanwhile, were exceeding all expectations, eventually winning 42 games and capturing the sixth seed in the East.”

Good luck with those guys, Brooklyn.

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