Rob Parker has been in full-blown hater mode this week.

Not only did the polarizing FOX Sports analyst call Tom Brady “washed up” in evaluating NFL quarterbacks ahead of the 2019 season. Parker also fired shots at Bill Belichick, claiming that cheating allegations — namely Spygate and Deflategate — should forever damage the New England Patriots coach’s legacy.

“For whatever reason, Bill Belichick’s full story is never given,” Parker said this week on FOX Sports Radio, diving right into his anti-Patriots shtick. “When Michael Vick came back, after the dog fighting, every time they mentioned his name they talked about the dog fighting and him going to jail. Every time. … They never mention that Bill Belichick cheated, got caught and had a $500,000 fine — the largest fine of any coach in the history of the NFL. And there’s all kinds of things that swirl around and is the reason that Bill Belichick can never, ever, ever be the greatest coach. There’s a cloud there, because of the way they do their business.

“Instead of celebrating what the Patriots have done, they’re attached to nothing but scandal, and he leads the way. He leads the way. This is the problem I have: Why can’t we tell his full story? Why?”

Parker has been beating a similar drum for years when it comes to Belichick, Brady and the Patriots’ dynasty. All New England does is keeping winning Super Bowl, further diminishing Parker’s efforts. At this point, he’s a laughingstock when it comes to the subject.

But that clearly isn’t going to stop Parker from spreading his anti-Patriots rhetoric, which already is in midseason form with New England set to begin training camp Thursday at Gillette Stadium.

“Someone’s gonna write a book and expose the New England Patriots, I’m convinced of this,” Parker said ” … I’m not saying that they still (don’t) have to execute and make plays happen. I’m not saying that (Belichick) can’t coach and this is all smoke and mirrors. All I’m saying is let’s put it in perspective and let’s also respect the other people that have done it the right way.

“You wanna say (Major League Baseball legend) Barry Bonds is a cheater, but you won’t call Bill Belichick a cheater. Why not? Ask yourself that question. Barry Bonds is a cheater, that’s all I hear. Why isn’t Bill Belichick a cheater? No, he’s the ‘greatest coach who’s ever coached in the NFL.’ Eff no! He’s not!”

Keep fighting the good fight, Rob.

Thumbnail photo via Jim Brown/USA TODAY Sports Images