Bill Belichick Has Insane Reaction To Andrew Luck’s Retirement Announcement

FOXBORO, Mass. — Did we just find out that Bill Belichick actually lives under a rock?

The New England Patriots head coach was asked Monday for his reaction to Indianapolis Colts 29-year-old quarterback Andrew Luck suddenly announcing his retirement Saturday night. It sent shockwaves across the NFL and was among the most surprising pieces of breaking news in NFL history.

“He’s a good player,” Belichick said. “I didn’t see that, but I haven’t really — I don’t really follow them. We all have to make our decisions. He made his. I respect it.”

Wait … what?

Did Belichick not see that Luck retired? Did he mean that he didn’t see it coming? Is he trolling the Colts, who started the Deflaetgate fiasco? What is happening?

There are so many questions.

To be fair, ESPN’s Adam Schefter initially reported the news on Twitter, and we all know Belichick doesn’t do the social media thing. Also, the Colts aren’t on the Patriots’ schedule, so Belichick’s isn’t exactly on a need-to-know basis with Indianapolis this season.

Belichick has delivered some classic quotes in his 19 years as Patriots head coach, but this one is an all-timer.

We’re still shell-shocked.

UPDATE (2:55 P.M. ET): The Patriots have clarified Belichick’s comment in their official transcript:

Q: Andrew Luck retired. You faced him six times – what was it like going up against him?

BB: Yeah, he’s a good player. I didn’t see that (coming), but I haven’t really followed them. You know, we all have to make our decisions, he made his. I respect it.

Thumbnail photo via Bob DeChiara/USA TODAY Sports Images

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