Carli Lloyd has been receiving plenty of attention since kicking a 55-yard field goal at Philadelphia Eagles training camp last week.

One team even was prepared to bring the United States women’s national soccer team star aboard for the final game of their preseason schedule, according to her trainer James Galanis.

“Today, she got another call from another NFL team,” Galanis told FOX Sports’ Martin Rogers on the phone Monday. “The one that called today, I don’t want to say who it is, was willing to put her on the roster for their next (game). They were willing to put her on the roster.”

Knowing Lloyd and her current situation, however, Galanis doesn’t believe she’d jump on the opportunity right away. “But things have escalated and it is real,” he told Rogers.

In fact, Galanis thinks she is “perfectly made out” for the kicker position.

“She loves the pressure,” Galanis told Rogers. “She’s got one of the hardest kicks in the world when it comes to women. She is great at long range balls, she displayed that by scoring a goal from just past the halfway line in a World Cup final, and she is definitely in tune with the mechanics. She would be an ideal candidate.”

But there’s a social aspect to all of this, too, something Galanis recognizes.

“We are thinking about what it would do to the sport itself, every sport at every level. She would be the first female that’s really playing with males, and what would it do to the whole equality (issue).”

In the meantime, however, Lloyd still has a few more soccer-related things to attend to this fall. That said, the option to play in the near future doesn’t appear to be off the table just yet.

“We are definitely thinking about it,” Galanis said. “Knowing Carli, this is why it is enticing for her, because it is a challenge. That’s what Carli thrives on, it is the next thing she can conquer. That’s why we have had half a dozen conversations about it in less than a week.”

Something tells us this story is far from over.

Thumbnail photo via Michael Chow/USA TODAY Sports Images