FOXBORO, Mass. — If you’re a new member of the New England Patriots, and Devin McCourty is playfully jabbing at you to the media, congrats: You’re part of the team.

Michael Bennett was at the receiving end of McCourty’s barbs Monday when the safety was asked about his new teammate. Some context: Michael’s brother, Martellus, was a tight end for the Patriots in 2016 and 2017, and McCourty fast became friends with Martellus, though he likes to poke at him.

“It’s been awesome, in a way,” McCourty said jokingly. “I told Mike I didn’t think two people who could be so similar and I don’t know what I did to have to deal with two Bennetts like this. He’s very similar to his brother, speaks his mind, always fun to be around him.

“He’s been I think a really good teammate. Obviously, a veteran guy, a guy that all of the younger guys can learn from. Obviously, he brings a lot of experience and you’ve watched him out there — he’s a really good player. It’s just fun to have him. It’s kind of like a family now that I know Marty and his family so well and now including Mike. We’ve had fun so far.”

Michael has to deal with two McCourtys on the Patriots. Devin’s twin, Jason, is a cornerback on the team, though he’s typically the kinder, gentler brother less prone to lob joke grenade at teammates.

McCourty threw a jab Martellus’ way when talking about the Patriots’ tight ends Monday.

“For years now, nine years, we’ve had the opportunity to come out here and go against Gronkowski — arguably the best tight end,” McCourty said. “In between, we’ve had other really good players. Marty Bennett, who we don’t like to talk about often — I’m joking.”

The Patriots could use Martellus given their current situation at tight end.

Thumbnail photo via Greg M. Cooper/USA TODAY Sports Images