Jaylen Brown Could Have Career In Vague Tweeting Once NBA Playing Days Are Over


Jaylen Brown is a great basketball player. The Boston Celtics guard also is a genuine, intelligent guy, as far as we can tell.

But man, he is laaame on Twitter.

Practical, beneficial uses aside, social media is a pretty rotten plague on humanity. Sure, it’s helped the world become a more connected place, but it’s probably fair to say that society would be better off without it. And for all the obnoxious aspects and applications of social media, nothing is worse than vague tweets or vague Facebook statuses, especially ones that are vague simply for the sake of being vague.

Unfortunately, Brown is a habitual offender of vague tweeting.

Check out these tweets, along with some quick-hit analysis:

Probably not.

Challenge accepted? Do we have to start against a wall?

Literally don’t try to fix it.


We won’t!

Oh, we’re ready!!!

Honestly, not that big of a deal if we do all three.

Definitely not.

Except, you know, in the stage of death.

Sooo woke.

Again, Brown is a promising young player, and is easy to like. If he continues on his current trajectory, the 22-year-old absolutely could be a pillar of the Celtics franchise some day.

But his Twitter stinks. Real bad.

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