NASCAR is looking for ways to make more people watch race broadcasts. So, why not start with making the actual broadcast more entertaining?

This is an obvious goal, yet one all sports leagues struggle with and often trip over themselves while trying to accomplish. Still, NASCAR (NBC, specifically) might have found something Sunday afternoon at Watkins Glen International.

At one point during the Go Bowling at The Glen, NBC Sports busted out one of the best camera angles we’ve ever seen in a NASCAR race broadcast.

Take a look:

Now, we know this is a road race, and it would be tougher to find exciting camera angles in oval races. It’s not like “all they do is turn left” is a stigma that NASCAR only recently has had to deal with, after all.

That said, the angle gave folks at home an opportunity to see just how fast and challenging NASCAR racing is, critical criteria that needs to be met in the quest to attract new fans. If NASCAR can get more of that, coupled with some of the on-track drama we saw Sunday afternoon, there might be brighter days ahead.

Thumbnail photo via Rich Barnes/USA TODAY Sports Images