Peyton Manning Unsure What Next Step In His Football Career Will Be


Peyton Manning has stayed plenty involved with football since retiring in 2016. But what does his future in the sport look like?

Apparently, the former quarterback hasn’t taken much off the table.

“I haven’t really dismissed anything,” he told USA TODAY Sports. “OK, I would probably say I dismiss coaching. I like teaching football. We have the football camp. It’s a great chance to teach football, teach about quarterback play. But a lot of people say, ‘You’d be a great coach.’ I’m not sure that’s true. Coaching, there are special skills there. Just because you were a good quarterback doesn’t necessarily mean you’d be a great coach.

“But sure, I haven’t dismissed anything,” he continued. “If there were an opportunity on the non-coaching side of it for a team in some capacity, wherever that may be, I’d certainly possibly have an interest in that. At the right time. And in the right place.”

Manning has plenty of time to decide what his next move is. Until then, he doesn’t want to get people too excited.

“The thing that I hate doing, I hate sort of having this guessing game and leading anybody on,” Manning said. “I just don’t know right now. I know now is not the time.”

Patience is a virtue, after all. And it looks like Manning has plenty of it.

Thumbnail photo via Thomas J. Russo/USA TODAY Sports Images

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