Philip Rivers seems determined to be remain at odds with New England Patriots fans.

The San Diego Chargers quarterback revealed Wednesday during his appearance on “The Dan Patrick Show” he doesn’t consider Tom Brady to be the greatest quarterback of all time. Rivers, who has rivaled Brady for the last 15-plus years, offered this reason for his refusal to acknowledge his nemesis’ GOAT-ness.

“To your point about the Super Bowl, I remember when the Patriots beat the Seahawks (in Super Bowl XLIX), when they had that interception on the goal line and that gave them their [fourth] Super Bowl championship,” Rivers said, per Patriotswire. “And everyone said, ‘He’s now the greatest of all time.’ And I thought to myself, I already thought he was already one of.

“I mean, how do you ever decide that? It’s like the old Michael Jordan (debate), right? We could talk about that forever, too. But I already thought (Brady) was already one of the greatest. But because they intercepted the pass, he’s now the greatest of all time? What if the Seahawks were to ran it? Brady would have just played the exact same game. He didn’t do anything different. It is funny how that works. … That’s why I think (Dan) Marino is right there in the mix, too. All these guys — you can’t just go off that (Super Bowls).”

If Rivers’ reasoning was sound in early 2015 when the Patriots beat the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX, he seems to ignore the fact that Brady has led the Patriots back to the big game three times since then, and won it twice.

And it’s not like the Patriots don’t play to Super Bowl Sunday on the back of a lousy quarterback. Brady might not be at his peak anymore but he remains one of the best and most reliable signal-callers in the game.

So while Rivers might give Brady due credit for being among the best, he really should reconsider how the last few seasons have transpired and reassess his assessment.

Thumbnail photo via David Butler II/USA TODAY Sports Images