No one ever has or ever will call Tom Brady a dual-threat quarterback (outside of the occasional joke on the quarterback’s social media).

But there’s no denying that, every now and then, Brady shows some intuition to make a play with his feet when necessary. That was on display Thursday night in the New England Patriots’ third preseason game. On third-and-3, Brady scrambled for a first down against the Carolina Panthers, helping to set up the Pats’ only touchdown-scoring drive of the game.

(You can watch the scramble here)

Brady has boasted on social media all offseason that he has worked on his speed, beating out his college 40-yard dash time and petitioning “Madden” to make adjustments to his ratings.

Skip Bayless is with Brady on this point. The FS1 talking head gushed over Brady’s four-yard run on “Undisputed.”

“I saw on that play … he looked a little quicker than I’ve ever seen him. Did you see him feint and go? He gave it a little head fake right and cut left. For Tom Brady that’s some quickness, that’s different,” Bayless said. “He’s upgraded the quickness. Again, remember where he was coming from. … He was the slowest, now he got a little less slow, right?”

That prompted Shannon Sharpe to come back with a brutal roast of the 42-year-old gunslinger.

“Skip, Tom Brady increasing his speed is like an elephant losing 50 pounds. When you weigh six tons, does anybody notice when you that slow?” he quipped.

Now that’s just mean.

Thumbnail photo via Greg M. Cooper/USA TODAY Sports Images