Tom Brady ‘Can Explain’ Tweet About Bizarre Rookie-Hosing At Practice


Something was going on at New England Patriots practice Tuesday — something that, when encapsulated in a tweet, came across in an odd light.

Yeah, so … huh?

While the people of the internet scratched their heads over what this all could mean, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady showed that he also saw the humor in it.

We sure hope so, Tom.

With a tiny bit of context, the situation sounds less weird. Apparently, the rookies were being subjected to a drill in which they needed to recover loose footballs, with the added distraction of a fire hose — one of the few things you’d probably want to get hit with even less than a middle linebacker.

In all honesty, we’re sure this drill will come in handy in a couple of months when a key fumble occurs during a rainy late-fall game. When that happens, the Patriots will have coach Bill Belichick and Brady’s skilled hosemanship to thank.

Thumbnail photo via Matthew Emmons/USA TODAY Sports Images

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