It’s no secret that Tom Brady puts an insane amount work into his craft.

The New England Patriots quarterback hasn’t won six Super Bowls by just getting by. Brady’s work ethic stands up against anyone in professional sports.

But there certainly are times where Brady makes the incredible look pedestrian, and well, if you take Jay Feely at his word, then even Brady thinks the game has gotten a little easier as his career has rolled along.

Brady and Feely were teammates at the University of Michigan and have stayed close since their college days. Feely said that Brady is not sweating his contract situation and is just focused on having fun, telling the former NFL kicker “it’s easy for me now.”

“I just think he’s thrilled to be playing and thrilled to be out there,” Feely told The Boston Globe’s Ben Volin. “He’s at the point where he can just go have fun. And he did say to me this offseason one time, ‘It’s easy for me now. I’ve seen what every defensive coordinator can throw at me, I know the answers to the test before I take it. So why would I want to not play if my body’s going to let me? Because it’s easy now, compared to those first 10 years.’ “
Feely said he thinks the 42-year-old is taking things year-to-year, but noted that he can’t see owner Robert Kraft ever letting Brady wear another team’s uniform.
At 42, it’s likely that Brady has seen just about every coverage, every blitz package and whatever else could be thrown at him in a football game. And if it really were that easy for Brady, then you can’t blame him continuing to get after it until his body tells him he can’t.
But it’s hard to see things continuing to get easier for the signal caller. At some point, time has to catch up. Right?

Thumbnail photo via Raj Mehta/USA TODAY Sports Images