Fans have a tendency to overrate their own players. But when it comes to David Pastrnak and Brad Marchand, Boston Bruins diehards are justified in their adoration for the star wingers.

Both players rank in the top 10 on NHL Network’s new top 20 wings list. However, one ranks significantly higher than the other.

Take a look:

Honestly, it’s hard to argue with anything on that list. Sure, you could make the case that Pastrnak deserves to be higher, but his up-and-down postseason likely (and, if so, rightfully) cost him a few spots.

Marchand racked up 36 goals and a career-high 64 assists last season, while Pastrnak amassed 43 assists and a career-high 38 goals, despite missing 16 games.

Their star center, Patrice Bergeron, landed a top-three spot in NHL Network’s top center rankings.

Thumbnail photo via Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports Images