Boomer Esiason Explains How Patriots Are Constructed To Beat Chiefs

The New England Patriots are an absolute wagon at the moment, but it probably won’t be a total cakewalk for them to get back to the Super Bowl.

That’s largely because the Kansas City Chiefs aren’t positioned to regress all that much, and the teams meeting in the AFC Championship Game for the second season in a row seems very possible.

Despite defensive shortcomings, Kansas City is so dynamic on offense that it makes up for those troubles. But the Patriots arguably are the more well-rounded team, and it’s for that reason that ex-NFL quarterback and current CBS NFL analyst Boomer Esiason believes New England’s roster is built to beat the Chiefs.

“One thing I will say in watching what they were doing (Sunday) and how they’ve played the first two games, one thing that is obvious to me and obvious to the guys at CBS is that they are built defensively to try and stop Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs,” Esiason said Monday on WEEI’s “The Greg Hill Show,” via “They have athletes in the secondary. They’re terrific, they’re smart, they pass guys off, they communicate, all the stuff that is going to be required to beat Patrick Mahomes and his Kansas City band of merry men because those guys are flying up and down the field. I think the Patriots are probably one of the few teams that have the secondary that might be able to slow them down somewhat.”

The Patriots and Chiefs will meet in December at Gillette Stadium, so we should get a nice preview of what a postseason tilt between the two might look like.