Robby Anderson, what are you doing?

The New York Jets wide receiver decided it was a good idea this week to talk some trash to Stephon Gilmore. Anderson called Gilmore one of the NFL’s best cornerbacks but also said he holds a lot.

Let’s go over Gilmore’s coverage stats against Anderson last season in two games: two catches, 10 targets, 11 yards, no touchdowns, one interception, four pass breakups and an interception.

That would have to be A LOT of holding.

Let’s get into this week’s mailbag.

Will the pats attempt to trade for Jalen Ramsey?
— @darealjulien200
I don’t know if they will, but I think it’s worth submitting an offer. I’ll say that.

What about JC Jackson and a first-round pick? Jackson has a ton of potential, but he’s also a bit of a wildcard. Clearly, Ramsey is too, but he’s also a better, more proven player than Jackson. Ramsey would give the Patriots three cornerbacks who are 6-foot-1 or taller. That has a lot of value in today’s NFL.

Whether the Jaguars would accept that deal depends on how Jacksonville values Jackson, but the Patriots might have to give up more than their second-year cornerback and a first.

Ramsey would carry about a $3.6 million cap hit if he were traded to the Patriots. So, the Patriots would have to do some finagling to fit him under their salary cap which would be difficult as their roster currently is constructed.

#MAILDOUG Why can’t the Patriots draft a player in the second round and – you know – actually have them dress and contribute?
— @riraho5
Because the Patriots have better players on their roster. That’s the simple answer.

Joejuan Williams, the Patriots’ 2019 second-round pick, would probably be playing right now if the team didn’t have Stephon Gilmore, Jason McCourty, Jonathan Jones and Jackson on their roster. And Duke Dawson probably wouldn’t have been traded if the team didn’t have Williams, Gilmore, McCourty, Jones and Jackson.

Trent Williams – yes/no?
— @RommelRoo
I’m going with no on this one. If Isaiah Wynn or Marcus Cannon were out for the season, then maybe. But the Patriots can weather the storm until both tackles come back. It would be extremely difficult to open up $10 million in cap space to fit Trent Williams.

It also seems like the Washington Redskins don’t want to trade him.

I really liked the pick of Damien Harris in the draft, when do you think we will see him start to get some touches on offense? Also, is it crazy for me to already be totally pumped about Winovich? Loved that pick as well and he already looks great out there! #GoPats
— @MrSuperStarRHC
I think it would take an injury to get Harris onto the active gameday roster. There’s no reason to activate five running backs plus a fullback, and Harris is pretty clearly behind Sony Michel, James White and Rex Burkhead in the pecking order. Brandon Bolden clearly has the special teams edge.

And not crazy at all! Everyone liked the Chase Winovich pick at the time, and he’s been impressive in limited snaps.

Outside of Gilmore and Brady, who are the offensive and defensive MVP’s for this team? #maildoug
— @JefFullerMyself
By season’s end? Jeez, that’s tough. The offensive MVP might wind up being Joe Thuney if he stays healthy. He’s been the Patriots’ best and most dependable offensive lineman so far.

On defense, let’s go with Jamie Collins. He’s off to an incredible start.

how much (if any) is college football on your radar? do you keep an eye on potential athletes that could compliment the team? #maildoug
— @adamxdangelo
I love watching college football, but it’s tough to find the time. If I’m home, then I’m usually (supposed to be) hanging out with my family on Saturdays. And if I’m on the road, then I usually travel on Saturdays.

I try to watch the night games, and I usually catch a decent amount of the noon action. Last year, I watched Kyler Murray and Hollywood Brown a lot because Oklahoma seemed to have a lot of early afternoon games. I usually have a pretty good sense of the Pac 12 because I’m a University of Washington fan. I really try to play catchup during the spring, though.

Let’s go rapid fire.

Why do you think Adam Butler has been so effective this year?
— @ejlc46
I think the defensive line has been able to be more aggressive in general this season, so I think that plays to Butler’s strengths. He’s a good interior disruptor, so if the Patriots are going to let him do that, then he could wind up having a productive season.

Which patriot players come back from IR this season?
— Unsportsmanlike Conduct @Unsmlikeconduct
Wynn and N’Keal Harry.

How’s Josh Gordon fitting in?
— @BillMo617
Good. All of his teammates seem to love him.

— @thisryanjackson
I’ve got a Draft Kings lineup I’m feeling very confident about going tonight. So, I’ll keep you updated on how that goes.

How are you today?
— @Hamatake40
Pretty good. A lot of people liked my sweatshirt today. It’s green and has a big tiger face on it.

What will the Pats record be assuming they stay reasonably healthy
— @DLPatsThoughts

What team do u think will score a touchdown first on the pats
— @elijah__d
Buffalo Bills.

would you rather fight a clothed @chatham58 or a naked, crisco-covered me?
— @EmersonLotzia
Don’t tempt me with a good time.

Was the trade for Russell Bodine conditional? Otherwise, it seems the Patriots threw away a sixth round pick for a guy who didn’t even make it to game one.
— @MarkJohnBennett
It was not. That was a bad trade, especially since no one has picked up Bodine since the Patriots cut him.

What’s the locker room dynamic like with AB? #MailDoug
— @ToriGrignon
Wouldn’t know. He’s only been in there at the same time as the media once since the Patriots signed him.

Gunner for MVP or just Offensive and Defensive Rookie of the Year?
— @davecave23
Well, you have to account for his special-teams prowess too, so I’d go with MVP.

@DougKyed #MailDoug what exactly are “shells” that the players wear at practice? When I played growing up it was just jerseys shorts and helmets, but the pros wear pads? Can you please explain, and why they do this? Thanks DK.
— @ERyanL1
Imagine shoulder pads without the hard plastic. It’s basically just the foam part.

Dunkin or Tim Hortons? 
— @TheOrigCatfood
Dunks. I’ve been on a cold foam Starbucks kick, though. And I prefer Marylou’s to everything.

What else does Thuney have to do to get an extension? Hasn’t missed a snap, can slide to tackle if needed and has quietly become one of the better guards in the league. Is it a matter of him wanting to hit the market or the team setting a price and not moving?
— @TheDTSB
It would be in Thuney’s best interest to test the market.

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