FOXBORO, Mass. — Sunday night sure is a special one for the Patriots.

Prior to New England’s season opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Pats dropped yet another banner at Gillette Stadium in celebration of the team’s sixth Super Bowl victory. The team kicked off the festivities with a spectacular light show.

During the show, Boston-based rock band Godsmack graced the stage, performing “When Legends Rise” from the 2018 album of the same name.

The Pats then honored each of the team’s five previous Super Bowls featuring one key player from each victory: Drew Bledsoe (Super Bowl XXXVI), Ty Law (Super Bowl XXXVIII), Willie McGinnest (Super Bowl XXXIX), Rob Ninkovich (Super Bowl XLIX), Martellus Bennett (Super Bowl LI) and team owner Robert Kraft (Super Bowl LIII). Rob Gronkowski also made an appearance, firing off one of his signature spikes as the crowd lost its collective mind.

Then, the banner was revealed.

What a night in Foxboro.

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Thumbnail photo via David Butler II/USA TODAY Sports Images