Juan Soto liked Alex Bregman’s home run celebration so much he decided to do it when he hit a bomb of his own in Game 6 of the World Series between the Houston Astros and Washington Nationals.

The celebrations were met with some criticism, however, with Boston Red Sox pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez chiming in on the matter. And even though it’s a harmless antic, both A.J. Hinch and Dave Martinez are not fans of what happened Tuesday night at Minute Maid Park.

“Yeah, he shouldn’t carry the bat past first base,” Hinch told reporters, as transcribed by theScore. “Soto shouldn’t carry it to first base, either.”

Martinez, who was ejected after his outburst of a controversial call at first base, echoed the Astros skipper’s sentiments.

“We didn’t like it,” Martinez said, per theScore. “And the fact that Soto did it, I’ll be quite honest with you, I didn’t like it when he did it, as well. It’s a conversation I’ll have with Juan. That’s not who we are. I mean, if he feels like he wants to carry the bat all the way to first base, then that’s him.

“But I don’t like when our guys do it. I don’t like the celebration outside the dugout. I’ve said that before. That’s just not who we are.”

We’ll see if there will be any sort of celebration during home runs in Game 7 on Wednesday night. But one thing is for certain: one team will have the ultimate celebration in being crowned World Series champions.

Thumbnail photo via Erik Williams/USA TODAY Sports Images