Colin Cowherd Notes One Key Difference Between Tom Brady, LeBron James

Both Tom Brady and LeBron James are in the latter portion of their respective careers, but Colin Cowherd sees one key difference between them.

Cowherd didn’t want to discuss Brady’s recent retirement comments on Wednesday’s episode of “The Herd,” and doesn’t plan on doing so whatsoever this season. But the FS1 talking head thinks there’s one thing that could extend his career.

“Athletes want it to get easier (at the end of their career),” Cowherd said. “Once you’ve got … the money, the fame, the rings, and the trophies, you want to go to work and had fun.”

Then there’s James, who just kicked off his 17th season in the NBA. But Cowherd thinks the Los Angeles Lakers star isn’t in the same position Brady is in with the New England Patriots.

“LeBron came to LA hoping it would get a little easier,” Cowherd said. “… But it actually is (easier) for Tom Brady. Think about this: Tom Brady, the AFC East I can argue has never been weaker at quarterback. LeBron James, the Western Conference I can argue has never been better. (For) Tom Brady — because of New England’s running back game, deepest running backs in the game, and their defense — winning is easier. Because the Lakers have no bench or point guard in the West, for LeBron, winning will be harder.

“Here’s another one: when Tom Brady’s on the bench, his defense often scores. When LeBron’s on the bench, he’ll watch his lead evaporate. LeBron came to LA hoping rings, fame, titles, business. People would funnel here, they’d want to be here. But the reality is Kawhi calculated, went to the Clippers. Lakers front office ownership, meh, it’s going to be harder. Brady is how guys want their career to end.

“Brady is living the life LeBron wanted to.”

With three rings under Brady’s belt in the last five years, compared to just one for James, it’s hard to disagree with Cowherd’s reasoning.

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