Kawhi Leonard is looking to get into the apparel business, but not before trying to lock up a few key trademarks.

Leonard’s company, Kawhi Leonard LLC, has filed applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to trademark two phrases: “WHAT IT DO BABY” and “CITY VIEWS OVER INTERVIEWS,” per their website.

Trademark lawyer Josh Gerben explained the details in a video he released on his Twitter.

The phrases would be used either the slogan or the name of a new clothing brand selling “athletic and athletically-inspired clothing,” per the applications.

The trademark applications were filed Oct. 23, the day after he and the Los Angeles Clippers defeated the Lakers 112-102.

The phrase “What it do baby” quickly morphed into a viral meme after Leonard used the phrase in an Instagram post in June.

Leonard had better hope this goes better than LeBron James’ recent attempt to trademark “Taco Tuesday,” although something tells us it will.

Thumbnail photo via Mark J. Rebilas/USA TODAY Sports Images