The race for the “dumbest story of the NFL season” award already might be over.

Richard Sherman made headlines Monday night when he accused Baker Mayfield of snubbing him during pregame handshakes. The San Francisco 49ers cornerback ripped the Browns quarterback for being “disrespectful to the game” — or something.

However, Sherman might be full of, you know, bologna.

Videos clearly showing Mayfield and Sherman shaking hands began making the rounds Tuesday afternoon. Honestly, it’s a rough look for the perpetually holier-than-thou Sherman.

(You can click here for video evidence.)

(And you can click here for additional evidence.)

Yeah, that’s a handshake.

Now, get ready for some A-plus goalpost-moving from Sherman.

Whatever you say, pal.

It was an all-around rough night for the Browns and especially Mayfield, who was tormented and taunted by Niners rookie Nick Bosa throughout the game. The undefeated 49ers eventually prevailed with a 31-3 home victory, leaving the Browns with a disappointing 2-3 record.

Thumbnail photo via Brad Penner/USA TODAY Sports Images