Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center Unveils ‘Rage Room’ For Angry Fans

Passionate fan bases are, well, passionate.

Boston and Philadelphia sports fans likely top that list, so it’s fitting that the first “rage room” in a professional sports arena is located in Philly’s Wells Fargo Arena, home of the 76ers and Flyers.

The new rage room allows fans to take out their anger by smashing and breaking items like plates, bottles, televisions and other household items with hammers, hockey sticks and other tools turned demolishers.

Big playoff loss? Head to the rage room postgame to let it all out.

Check out ESPN’s Katie Nolan as she showcases the new development alongside Flyers mascot Gritty:

For $35, individual fans can make a reservation for before, during, or after home games. Groups of two come at a cost of $65, according to ESPN.