Why Stephen A. Smith Believes Kyrie Irving Criticism ‘Utterly Ridiculous’


The Kyrie Irving experience in Brooklyn is not off to the hottest of starts.

It was reported by ESPN’s Jackie MacMullan on Tuesday the Nets’ front office already is concerned about Irving’s “mood swings,” reporting they are the “unspoken concern that makes Nets officials queasy.”

Stephen A. Smith discussed the situation on “First Take” on Wednesday, making his feelings perfectly clear.

“The fact of the matter is what does Kyrie Irving do exactly? What are people trying to say,” Smith said. The talking head alluded to the fact that Irving has shown he is a different personality.

“He goes to Boston. And quickly while he’s in Boston, it’s clear he is a different kind of personality,” Smith explained. “Does he get quiet? A bit introverted? Yes he does. Does he find himself flummoxed a little bit or taken aback when things happen like the loss of his grandfather? Of course he does. Opening night when he drops 50 and takes off his jersey and hugs his dad. Obviously these are things this guy is not just about basketball. There are other things that are affecting him. That’s clear. But to sit up there and to act like that makes him a problem is something I find utterly ridiculous. He hasn’t been in Brooklyn for two damn weeks in a regular season. Two damn weeks. And we are talking about what kind of a problem, not talking about us, but people are out there leaking stuff about him as if he’s a problematic dude. And I’m going to get black with this. Just because folks don’t act the way you want them to act or doesn’t act they way everybody else wants them to act does not make them a bad person or a problem. It might make him an individual you have to adjust to.”

Listen to more from Smith and Max Kellerman in the video below:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agr9d5qWfwQ%5D

For Boston Celtics fans, they probably have a big smile on their face now they don’t have to deal with all of this noise that unfortunately follows Irving.

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