Robert Williams is working on a new diet.

The Boston Celtics center is shaping up his eating habits after making takeout a cornerstone of his diet during his rookie season. Now, he’s cut out soda, candy and pizza from his diet in an effort to slim down and improve his game, according to The Boston Globe’s Nicole Yang.

But there’s one food group Timelord still is struggling to get accustomed to.

I’m not a big fruit guy,” Williams admitted. “I don’t eat a lot of fruit. I only eat grapes & apples. I don’t really eat bananas. I’ve been trying mangos & peaches, trying to venture out. It’s iffy, but I’m kind of getting on the train — the fruit train.”

Naturally, Williams isn’t the only professional athlete keeping an eye on their diet. But his isn’t nearly as drastic as others.

Draymond Green, for instance, dropped 25 pounds during the 2018-19 season after Golden State Warriors general manager Bob Myers told him to get in shape ahead of the postseason. Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond, on the other hand, makes sure to have one beer a day (no more and no less) to meet his carefully-tailored calorie count.

Boston Red Sox third baseman Rafael Devers, however, took an approach similar to Williams’, removing fast food like Chipotle from his diet during the 2019 season.

But New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who’s notorious for his strict diet, still squeezes in a slice of pizza or two from time to time.

Hey, at least Williams is on the right track.

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