Given the New England Patriots’ success over the last two decades, you’d think they’d have multiple squads near the top of the NFL’s “100 Greatest Teams” rankings.

Alas, only one Patriots group made the cut for the top 15, though New England does own seven spots in the top 100.

The ill-fated 2007 Patriots rank highest at No. 7, a decision that surely will lead to much debate. New England is represented four more times in the top 50.

Here are the seven Patriots teams who made the NFL’s list:

— 2007 (seventh)
— 2004 (16th)
— 2016 (21st)
— 2003 (32nd)
— 2014 (46th)
— 2001 (51st)
— 2018 (79th)

And here are the top 15:

If you ask us, the 2014 Patriots landing at No. 46 is the decision that deserves the most criticism. You could make a convincing case that the Super Bowl XLIX champions are the best team in Patriots history, even over the 2007 team.

All that being said, rankings are stupid.

Thumbnail photo via Greg M. Cooper/USA TODAY Sports Images