One star emerged from the Dallas Cowboys’ Week 9 matchup against the New York Giants, but it wasn’t anyone from either squad.

A black cat somehow made its way on the field in the first quarter of Monday night’s game at MetLife Stadium. The feline put on quite the show, capturing the attention of fans in the stands, on social media and across the nation.

So, where did the cat come from? Well, we may have an answer.

A number of stray cats actually reside at the stadium, according to Sports Illustrated’s Madelyn Burke. They live under the bleachers and usually don’t emerge until after games are played, according to building security.

This time, Burke said security believes this cat in particular was “startled” by the crowd noise, which likely led to the brief debacle.

After the incident, MetLife Stadium promised on Twitter the cat would be brought to a veterinarian once it was “safely” captured. (Thank goodness.)

Thumbnail photo via Brad Penner/USA TODAY Sports Images