There already are two Major League Baseball teams in Florida that struggle with attendance. So much so, in fact, the Tampa Bay Rays reportedly were allowed to “explore becoming a two-team city” with Montreal.

And with both the Rays and Miami Marlins donning unflattering attendance numbers over the years, despite the Rays winning 90-plus games their last two seasons, it certainly wouldn’t make sense to add another team to the Sunshine State, right?

Reportedly not in Pat Williams’ eyes.

The Orlando Magic co-founder reportedly is “pursuing bringing Major League Baseball to Orlando,” the Orlando Sentinel reported Tuesday, citing a source.

The Marlins and Rays ranked 29th and 30th in attendance for the 2019 season, respectively. So it’s hard to imagine a third team in Florida would do any better in putting fans in seats.

Thumbnail photo via Jake Roth/USA TODAY Sports Images