Brett Favre is certain Tom Brady isn’t too old to kick the New England Patriots offense back into high gear.

The Hall of Fame quarterback explained to Sirius XM NFL Radio on Tuesday why he believes Patriots fans shouldn’t be nervous about the veteran quarterback’s recent struggles or those of the offense he runs. Brady has voiced his frustration with his offense several times this season, and several pundits have started questioning whether the GOAT still has what it takes to lead the team to the Super Bowl. Favre believes the criticism is overblown and he bases his opinion on the two statistics the Patriots and their fans have come to focus on during their dynastic era: wins and losses.

“For whatever reason the Patriots are just not clicking on offense, and it’s not the result of Tom being in his 40s,” Favre said. “It’s timing, maybe the offensive line they’ve had a few changes there, and he’s feeling pressure from one side versus the other. It’s just not right right now, but I think it’s way too soon to write them off. I think it’s absurd to mention age as a factor in why they’re struggling.

“But at least once a year, there has been a little — and I call it a hiccup. The difference this year (is) hiccups have not led to losses. I mean, they’re 9-1, and he’s playing very good. I don’t think his numbers are reflective. I think people are basing this (criticism) off of numbers. I mean, they’re 9-1. They’re sitting in the perfect spot and their offense is not hitting on all cylinders.

“If they just get a little better, which is very possible, I think we all agree, we wouldn’t be surprised if all of a sudden he throws four touchdowns and they’re back on track and here we go again. We’re having this conversation three weeks from now, and you say, ‘well, you’re right, Brett. They’re back firing on all cylinders.’

“If this happens three, four weeks from now, where they’re really struggling and they’re relying on defense, maybe I start getting a little bit nervous if I’m a Patriots fan.

“… you’re team’s 9-1, you’re not playing the best that you can possibly play on offense, we know that. You’ve got to feel like better days are coming, and that’s scary for everyone else.”

Favre’s forceful backing of Brady and Co. dovetails with that of NESN Patriots beat writer Doug Kyed, who asked Wednesday morning why everyone, Brady included, is so down on the 9-1 Patriots?

Perhaps Brady and New England’s offense are on the cusp of another breakout performance that will set them right for the stretch run of the regular season and the playoffs. If that doesn’t come to pass in the coming weeks, Patriots fans can take Favre’s advice and become “a little bit nervous.”

Thumbnail photo via James Lang/USA TODAY Sports Images