Rob Parker was relatively quiet when the Patriots were undefeated, but the FS1 talking head returned with a vengeance following New England’s loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

Parker, of course, is one of the biggest Patriots haters around. Between calling Tom Brady the “L.O.A.T.” (luckiest of all time) and regularly labeling the Patriots as “cheaters,” Parker hasn’t met a New England Super Bowl title that he believes is impervious to criticism.

So, when the Patriots were throttled Sunday night on national TV, you just knew Parker would go off.

Here we go:

That’s right: Despite losing for just the first time in 323 days, the Patriots are “frauds” and destined for an early playoff exit. Makes sense.

Here’s more from Parker:

We’re sure these takes will age well.

Thumbnail photo via Mitch Stringer/USA TODAY Sports Images