Shannon Sharpe Goes In On Tom Brady In Predictably Over-The-Top Take

If you’re a Patriots fan who gets triggered by talking heads tearing into Tom Brady, avert your eyes.

New England earned a 17-10 win over the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, but the victory came in spit of another mostly wretched performance from Brady and the offense. Those struggles unsurprisingly led to over-the-top reactions Monday morning, particularly from “Undisputed’s” Shannon Sharpe on FS1.

Check this out:

“Tom Brady will not be the reason the New England Patriots win another Super Bowl. The defense will be the reason they win that Super Bowl,” Sharpe said. ” … I feel very comfortable in saying Tom Brady is not playing 3 more years. I feel even more devout that Brady is not playing another year past this year in New England.”

Obviously, Brady deserves some blame for how the offense has looked for much of the season. But evaluating Brady without mentioning the offensive line issues, lack of talented receivers and loss of Rob Gronkowski is flat-out disingenuous. What we’ve seen for the past few weeks is a product of many factors.

That said, if you’re looking for nuanced takes, Sharpe probably isn’t the guy to look to.