The Boston Celtics have started off the season at a record pace. However, Nick Wright believes they have no shot at representing the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals.

The Celtics have come out of the gates as hot as any team in the league, currently sitting atop the East with just two losses on the season. On FS1’s “First Things First”, he made it clear that when it comes down to the playoffs, it’s impossible for Boston to be the last team standing from the East.

“The problem is this,” Wright said. “Maybe the Celtics win 55 games. Maybe they’ll be better than top three in the East, maybe they’ll be one or two record-wise in the East. Come a playoff series, you cannot win three straight rounds, much less four straight rounds, with Kemba Walker as your best player. You can’t do it. And I like Kemba, but it’s impossible. And so for the Celtics, my biggest issue with Boston is that Boston is a team that has a defined ceiling. And you might say what about when Gordon Hayward comes back? A Gordon Hayward-Kemba Walker duo, now in the ‘era of duos’, is really good, but not good enough to be in the championship contention discussion.”

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Celtics fans are far more enthusiastic when it comes to their team, as the Brad Stevens-led squad can surely shock some people as they already have over their first 13 games.

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