Why Nick Wright Believes These Two AFC Teams Are Better Than Patriots

The New England Patriots were widely considered the best team in the NFL before their loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday night.

Now, with a blemish on their record, the Patriots are being questioned by many talking heads, including FOX Sports’ Nick Wright, who believes New England is the third-best team in its own conference.

Wright explained Wednesday why he believes two AFC teams — the Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs — are better than the Patriots right now.

“What they’ve done this season is right now they look like the third best team in the conference,” Wright said on “First Things First” on FS1. “And they are great at dominating inferior competition. Great. No team is better over the last 20 years at not beating itself, at letting the other team bet themselves before you even have to do anything. All of it. But in the playoffs, you got to beat real teams. And Baltimore this year has beaten Seattle and New England. Kansas City this year has beaten Baltimore and beaten Minnesota — they beat Minnesota with their backup quarterback. New England’s best win is Buffalo.”

Listen to Wright’s full comments in the video below.

Well, it becomes less and less shocking nowadays when people consider the Patriots done following a tough regular season loss. And this week proves no different.

Thumbnail photo via Mitch Stringer/USA TODAY Sports Images