Why Stephen A. Smith Believes Tom Brady Should Make Antonio Brown Decision

After former Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown apologized to team owner Robert Kraft on Tuesday, speculation intensified over whether a return to New England could be possible.

Stephen A. Smith, for one, believes Tom Brady should decide if Brown rejoins the mix.

“That decision should be made completely up to Tom Brady,” Smith said on Wednesday’s episode of “First Take” on ESPN. “Completely up to Tom Brady. Because he’s the 42-year-old, six-time Super Bowl champion. OK? Who’s playing with close to nothing at this particular juncture and needs all the help he can get. The man needs a running game, he needs receivers, he needs tight ends, he needs offensive linemen. The only thing that Tom Brady has been given by the New England Patriots is probably breakfast and lunch. That’s about it. They’ve done nothing for him this year, thus far.”

Max Kellerman attempted to cut off Smith before he made his final point. It didn’t work.

“All I’m saying is this: When it comes to Tom Brady, you are going after the Super Bowl, specifically because your defense is elite this year. Give the man something,” Smith said. “Now if he doesn’t want Antonio Brown, then of course to hell with it because I wouldn’t be apt to give Antonio Brown a chance — not with the distraction he has been. But clearly he did show Tom Brady respect. Clearly Tom Brady showed him love. The man was going to invite him into his home. He had a room for him, he had everything. Probably had the maid and everything for him, a robe for him, everything. He wasn’t going to be in need of anything, OK? Tom Brady wanted this man on board. If the sexual assault allegations are no longer an issue and it’s strictly about football, I would say allow Tom Brady to make that decision. He’s earned it.”

Listen to more from Smith and Kellerman in the video below:

Would the Patriots actually consider bringing back AB? We shall see, although it’s obviously a very complicated situation, especially with Brown’s status in limbo in light of some troubling allegations against the polarizing wide receiver.

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