This storyline just won’t die.

New York Daily News’ Gary Myers nearly two years ago reported that Bill Belichick saw “an opening” to leave the New York Patriots and rejoin the New York Giants. The story got a lot of play, mostly because rumors of a significant rift within the Patriots had many wondering whether Belichick and Tom Brady were headed for a divorce.

Well, Myers has passed the torch to Paul Schwartz.

Check out this column from the column Schwartz published Sunday night:

“No one outside Foxborough knows for sure what his contract status is and there is speculation he could be available in 2020. Whenever given the chance, Belichick waxes poetic about the start of his NFL coaching career with the Giants. It is very likely that the Giants are the only team he would leave New England to take over. He could bring his offensive coordinator, Josh McDaniels, with him — with McDaniels taking on the challenge of continuing the development of Daniel Jones. This would make sense if the rumblings that Tom Brady’s time with the Patriots is nearing an end.

“What about current Giants general manager Dave Gettleman should Belichick come aboard? Well, Belichick could bring his own general manager with him. Nick Caserio, the Patriots’ director of player personnel, is a free agent after this season.”

You obviously can’t completely rule anything out. Belichick going back to the Giants certainly wouldn’t be the weirdest thing to happen in human history. That said, Belichick has given zero indication that he wants to leave the Patriots. In fact, many reports suggest the 67-year-old wants to lead New England through its post-Brady years.

For now, Belichick and the Patriots are focused on Saturday’s wild-card game against the Tennessee Titans at Gillette Stadium.

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