Eli Manning Bluntly Addresses Future With Giants If He’s Not Starting QB

Eli Manning’s likely last season in a Giants uniform was one he’d probably like to forget.

Manning has been under center in New York since 2004, and had started all 16 regular-season games from 2005 to late 2017, when he was benched one contest for Geno Smith. He returned to the reserve role this past season when the Giants elected to make rookie Daniel Jones the starter mid-season.

But now, all eyes are on Manning as he decides what to do about his future. His contract is up with the Giants, and it sounds as if the team is set on sticking with Jones as their starter. The 38-year-old obviously would prefer to start, and when asked if he’d return to New York as the backup, he didn’t sugarcoat his answer.

“I doubt it. I doubt it,” he said, per theScore. “Backing up’s not real fun.”

It’s hard to blame him, but at the same time it’s difficult to imagine a team wanting to sign a quarterback who will be 39 when next season begins as its starter.

Now, we just have to sit back and wait to see if we’ve seen the last of Manning in the NFL.