ESPN’s Louis Riddick Makes Necessary Point About Patriots Detractors

Hating on the New England Patriots has become a game in and of itself, one which everyone desperately wants to win.

Somehow, someway, when Tom Brady finally looks washed up, Max Kellerman will say his “cliff” take was spot-on. Nick Wright will say “I told you so” about stuff. Hell, Trent Dilfer might try to say he was on to something in 2014.

And, well, Louis Riddick is among those tired of sports media’s most obnoxious bit.

Unsurprisingly, the “Patriots are done” returned following New England’s loss to the Houston Texans on Sunday night. As such, fans once again were reminded of who the smartest people in sports media are.

Here’s how Riddick feels about the rush to write off the Pats:

The question, of course, is whether the Patriots truly are done this time. Is this the year that being 10-2 is good for absolutely nothing?

Probably not, but we’ll find out at some point.