No one on the Celtics is willing to blame Kyrie Irving for Boston’s 2018-19 woes.

Jaylen Brown continued that trend in a recent interview with In fact, he pointed fingers elsewhere.

“Kyrie got a lot of the blame and was undeserving,” Brown told’s Brandon Robinson “It wasn’t his fault that certain guys couldn’t take a step back. It wasn’t his fault. That was the front office and the coach’s fault. He gets a lot of that blame because he was the star. But a lot of that should be on the organization and coaching staff. It’s in the past. Kyrie is in a better place in Brooklyn, somewhere his roots are. He’ll be fine.”

Though many outside the Celtics’ organization saw Irving as a toxic member of last season’s squad, Brown isn’t the only player to feel differently. Fellow teammates Marcus Smart and Jayson Tatum have defended Irving in the past, noting the entire team was dealing with issues throughout the tumultuous season.

Even still, Brown knows he won’t change people’s minds. (But, does Irving?)

“Everybody is going to have their own opinion,” Brown said. “I don’t think Kyrie cares too much, maybe he does, and maybe he (Kyrie) shouldn’t care as much as he does. He’s Kyrie Irving at the end of the day … nobody is perfect.”

Fair enough.

Thumbnail photo via Greg M. Cooper/USA TODAY Sports Images