Celtics’ Brad Stevens Reveals His Criteria When Voting On NBA All-Stars

Boston Celtics coach Brad Stevens seems to take his NBA All-Star vote a bit more serious than others.

It’s why Stevens said he didn’t “love it” when Celtics fan favorite Tacko Fall was sixth in voting when the latest numbers were released, and it’s why he had a message for players in regards to their potential selection, as well.

Steven told reporters before Monday’s win over the Chicago Bulls that he has a set of criteria when it comes to determining his selections for All-Star reserves. It apparently includes statistics, how specific players’ teams have performed and his own “fear factor.”

“I just go through and look at the East and look at who at who I think — I start with a couple of things from a statistical standpoint, obviously,” Stevens said, per WEEI.com’s Nick Friar, who noted Stevens consults with his assistant coaches when making his selections. “But then look at how their teams are playing — if they’ve won or not. And then I feel like the tiebreaker for me is often my fear factor when we’re getting ready to play against them.”

Stevens (and other NBA head coaches) will have his chance to vote for reserves after the fan vote for starters ends next week. Kemba Walker, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown all are in the mix for All-Star nods, but with coaches unable to select their own players, Stevens will not be able to vote for them.

The 2020 NBA All-Star Game will be held in Chicago on Feb. 16.