LeBron James Reacts To Having Son Hit By Debris During High School Game

LeBron James put some miles on his car, or shall we say his helicopter, in the Commonwealth on Monday. James traveled to Springfield to watch his son, Bronny James, play in a high school game before the Los Angeles Lakers star took the floor at the TD Garden against the Boston Celtics.

And while James certainly enjoyed watching his son, he didn’t enjoy hearing about something that took place during the game.

The younger James, a freshman at Sierra Canyon, was in-bounding the ball on the sideline when he was struck in the back by something thrown by a spectator in the stands. The referee paused the game, but LeBron did not know until someone tweeted a video to him after he reached Boston.

He was asked and spoke about the incident involving his son after the Celtics defeated the Lakers 139-107 on Monday.

“Well, I didn’t see it until I got here,” LeBron told reporters, via CLNS Media’s Mike Petraglia. “I was on the complete opposite end of the floor. I did see the referee stop the game, or stop the in-bound and the cop came up there, but I didn’t know what happened until the video evidence shown to me when I got here.

“I mean, it’s just disrespectful,” he continued. “And it was a little kid too. I don’t know how old that little kid was. You know, I don’t know if he learned that on his own, or learned it at home, or whatever the case may be, but it’s disrespectful. I wonder how old that little kid is, if he’s the age around Bronny’s age or (James’ younger son) Bryce’s age. But I’d like to see him try that when they were paying attention.”

James later reacted to the incident on social media, showing support for his son.

Thumbnail photo via Bob DeChiara/USA TODAY Sports Images