NFL Rumors: Jason Garrett ‘Still Employed’ By Cowboys — As Of Right Now

So, what’s going on with the Dallas Cowboys?

When this week began, it seemed like a virtual certainty that Jerry Jones would fire head coach Jason Garrett. In fact, there were reports indicating the Cowboys’ “entire” coaching staff were being let go. Moreover, Thursday night, ESPN’s Ed Werder reported the Cowboys indeed were set to move on from Garrett.

And yet, as of Saturday morning, Garrett still had a job in Dallas.

“Jason Garrett, as of right now, is still employed as the Cowboys coach,” NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport reported Saturday. “And remember: This was essentially something that was expected, that they would move on from Jason Garrett. In fact, Jerry Jones said it before season ended — Garrett needed to win the division and go to deep into the playoffs to keep his job. None of that happened. … They are, in fact, expected to move on (from Garrett). Garrett met with the Jones family Monday and Tuesday. As far as I can tell, they have not met (since).

“As of right now, Garrett remains employed. I talked to a source involved in the situation, I said, ‘Should I tune in Monday?’ He said, ‘That would probably be a good idea.’ So, it doesn’t sound like were expecting any coaching news this weekend. So, it sounds like Jason Garrett makes it through the weekend as Cowboys head coach.”

Yeah, we’re confused, too.