Why Ex-NFL QB Is Excited About Patriots’ Early Exit From NFL Playoffs


Is Carson Palmer an official spokesperson for New England Patriots haters everywhere?

The former NFL quarterback explained Saturday on Sirius XM NFL Radio why he’s excited the Patriots are out of the NFL playoffs ahead of the Divisional Round. Palmer bases his glee on the fact New England’s early exit adds unpredictability to the postseason and opens the door for another champion to emerge from the pack, which includes the Minnesota Vikings, San Francisco 49ers, Tennessee Titans, Baltimore Ravens, Houston Texans, Kansas City Chiefs, Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers.

“It’s exciting not having to worry about (Bill) Belichick and think about the Patriots again, and whoever has to go to Foxboro has this daunting task,” Palmer said. “Anybody can win (the Super Bowl) with the exception of Tennessee. I don’t see them representing the AFC in the AFC Championship Game or the Super Bowl, obviously. But it’s anybody’s game. Baltimore’s really good, Kansas City’s really good, Seattle’s really good. You can keep going down the list. Everybody is a Super Bowl contender, with the exception of Tennessee right now.

“But when New England’s in the conversation over the years, you kind of say the same thing: ‘But there’s always the Patriots; But there’s always’ Belichick; Maybe you have to go to Foxboro or man, New England’s great on the road. When they’re no longer in the conversation it’s fresh, it’s new, it’s exciting. We all want to see something different except for the New England Patriots fan.”

Palmer played 14 NFL seasons between 2004 and 2017, spending the first nine with the Cincinnati Bengals, the next two with the Oakland Raiders and the final five with the Arizona Cardinals. His teams only reached the postseason three times, and he never faced the Patriots in the NFL playoffs.

However, he was in the NFL long enough to imagine how opponents must feel to have to visit Gillette Stadium or host the Patriots in the playoffs. At least, that’s how he sounds as he verbally dances on the grave of the 2019 Patriots.

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