Are Tom Brady-Cowboys Rumors Legitimate? Jason Whitlock Weighs In

Jason Whitlock believes there’s some truth to the rumblings.

While the Chargers, Raiders and Titans jumped out as the most talked-about potential destinations for Tom Brady, the Cowboys recently have been generating significant attention. This speculation was intensified via inside information from Dallas legend Michael Irvin, as well as a note from Peter King, who indicated Jerry Jones actually would prefer Brady over Dak Prescott under center for the 2020 NFL season.

Whitlock sees legitimacy in King’s assumption, especially considering the bind Prescott has put the Cowboys in.

“Jerry Jones is in win-now,” Whitlock said Thursday on FS1’s “First Things First.” “Look, would he much rather sign Dak to a long-term deal? Yes. Is he frustrated as hell that Dak wouldn’t take the $33 million they offered him and that Dak has overvalued himself? He’s forcing us to do something we clearly don’t want to do — overpay him — so Jerry has gone to his default position.”

Football fans know too well Jones is an emotional owner who isn’t afraid to swing for the fences. That said, it’s tough to imagine the Cowboys cutting ties with Prescott, who’s nearing his prime, in favor of a 42-year-old quarterback. Sure, there’s a chance Brady could prompt more success in 2020 for Dallas than Prescott, but the four-year pro undoubtedly is the right move for the long haul.

So all things considered, it feels unlikely Brady will suit up for America’s Team.