Colin Cowherd Believes Jimmy Garoppolo Better Than Tom Brady In First Super Bowl


The sports world is ready to let their takes be known on who is to blame and who delivered on the big stage following Super Bowl LIV on Sunday night.

FOX Sports’ Colin Cowherd was bound to make his feelings known on the Super Bowl, specifically about San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and the hate his play received following the big game. Cowherd doubled down on his thoughts by comparing Garoppolo’s first Super Bowl start to Tom Brady’s.

Here’s what Cowherd had to say:

“This morning, to me it seems like a hot take to say Jimmy Garoppolo stunk,” Cowherd said. “What game are you watching? He had a really ugly interception. Tom Brady’s won Super Bowls with a pick-six. I’ve watched every snap Tom Brady’s ever thrown. He was terrible against Atlanta in the first half. Jimmy Garoppolo was never terrible yesterday.”

Here’s more:

“Because a lot of media companies over the last 20 years of my life have cut back on veteran reporting. There’s a lot of young people in the media. Therefore, they didn’t watch Tom Brady like I did in his first couple Super Bowls. Go back to Tom Brady’s first Super Bowl. It wasn’t as good as Garoppolo yesterday. I mean they were carrying Brady in his first couple Super Bowls. The coaching was carrying him. The defense was carrying him. The Patriots’ running game was carrying Tom and he was winning because he was ‘clutch’. And you can certainly criticize Garoppolo yesterday. It’s a fair criticism. It’s a fair criticism to say Kyle Shanahan got a little conservative. Not the end of the world. Ended the first half a little conservative. Totally fair. And it’s fair to say Garoppolo missed an open deep ball. The only open deep ball of the game. He missed on it. Maybe Brady does hit that. But let’s not go crazy here. Garoppolo outplayed(Patrick) Mahomes for the first three quarters of the game. He’s got fewer than 30 starts. He looked better yesterday than the Brady I saw in his first Super Bowl win. And Brady won, he didn’t look very good.”

Most Patriots fans will disagree with Cowherd, especially considering Brady won and Garoppolo seemed to shut down in the fourth quarter when the team needed him most.

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