Tom Brady soon will be a free agent, leading many to speculate just where he might land in 2020.

The Cowboys are just one team rumored to have interest in signing the New England Patriots quarterback.

It’s unclear if Dallas is legitimately considering picking up Brady in free agency, though some experts are unsure if it’s a good idea. Marcellus Wiley is one of the doubters.

The ex-defensive end believes a move like that could hinder the Cowboys long term.

“The only reason I would do that is if I could draft a quarterback that I fell in love with and couple him (with) Brady for the short term, tutor, and then all of a sudden I’ve got me a long-term prospect in whoever I draft,” Wiley said on Monday’s episode of “Speak For Yourself” on ESPN.

“However, you already got that embodied in a quarterback that’s winning and leading your franchise. So to me, it would be a step backwards to now bet on not one, but two new Cowboys to come in (to) not only steady the ship but also get better results and then get rid of something that I already know that I can already bank on and build with in Dak Prescott? It’s a step backwards.”

Brady becomes a free agent March 18.

Thumbnail photo via Bob DeChiara/USA TODAY Sports Images