Former NFL QB Explains Why Tom Brady Would Make ‘No Sense’ For 49ers


There’s nothing quite like post-Super Bowl reactions.

The hot takes unsurprisingly were aplenty following the Kansas City Chiefs’ victory over the San Francisco 49ers. Much of these were centered around Jimmy Garoppolo, whose lousy fourth quarter certainly didn’t do the 49ers any favors at Hard Rock Stadium.

Jimmy G’s late-game struggles prompted many to opine for the 49ers to evaluate their future at the quarterback position. Some, including Skip Bayless, took it a step further by advising San Francisco to cut bait with Garoppolo in favor of his former teammate, Tom Brady.

Former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky, however, seems to believe this idea is ludicrous.

“Jimmy Garoppolo just led this team to a 13-3 record, right? Was 18 of 21 before that fourth quarter and this is his first year fully starting,” Orlovsky said Tuesday on ESPN’s “Get Up.” “He was top five in touchdowns, top five in completion percentage, top five in yards per attempt. He’s 28 years old. He’s $80 million against the cap over the next three years. He’s 23-6 as a starting quarterback. Listen, Brady makes no sense for them schematically. Like, Kyle Shanahan has a very specific scheme. It is about moving the quarterback outside of the pocket. Brady’s not going to do that. There’s zero percent chance of this ever being a reality. Zero.”

We’re going to have to side with Orlovsky on this one.

There’s no doubt Garoppolo has quite a bit of work to do if he’s going to become one of the game’s clear-cut top quarterbacks. But to think he’s incapable of developing and making proper adjustments is pretty foolish. And as Orlovsky touched on, Garoppolo was far from a trainwreck against the Chiefs. Colin Cowherd, for one, would argue Garoppolo was better this past Sunday than Brady was in his first Super Bowl appearance.

So as entertaining as the storyline is, the odds of it coming to fruition feel pretty slim.

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