Here Are Some Of 1,300-Plus Complaints About Super Bowl Halftime Show


“Won’t somebody please think of the children?”

That was a prevailing sentiment among the 1,312 complaints the United States Federal Communications Commission received about Jennifer Lopez’s and Shakira’s performance at halftime of Super Bowl LIV. Lopez and Shakira stole the show on Super Bowl Sunday by delivering one of the most unforgettable halftime shows in recent memory. However, many viewers balked at what they considered to be an overly sexual spectacle commanding their families’ attention.

Here’s a sample of some of the complaints about the J-Lo/Shakira halftime show, per CNN.

“Jennifer Lopez’s performance at the Super Bowl halftime show was extremely explicit and completely unacceptable for a event where families including children are watching,” a viewer in Utah wrote. “I had to send my children out of the room so that they weren’t exposed to something they should not have seen.”

“My family was very excited to watch the Super Bowl tonight,” a Washington viewer wrote. “However, I was not prepared to explain to my 11 yo daughter why Jennifer Lopez was dressed so scantily or why she kept grabbing her crotch. My daughter was asking if she was feeling sick from having so much skin showing.”

“The half time show was very sexual in nature. I have never seen so many sex poses outside porn magazines,” a viewer in New York viewer wrote. “They also complained about ‘sexy tongue wagging’ and ‘butt shaking.'”

Other viewers complained the halftime show runs counter to the goals of the Me Too movement.

“A disgusting spectacle was on display during the halftime show of the Super Bowl yesterday and I’m sickened by the idea that this was broadcast in to so many homes in America and possibly around the world,” a viewer in Oregon wrote. “Selling sex seems to be the job nowadays, despite human trafficking and the Me Too movement. Shame on (Super Bowl broadcaster) Fox.”

Despite the protests to the FCC, Lopez’s and Shakira’s show was wildly popular, judging by most metrics. This seems to a be case of different strokes for different folks.

Thumbnail photo via Kim Klement/USA TODAY Sports Images

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