Spring training is a great time for new additions to an organization to get to know their teammates and learn about the new city they’re moving to.

When it comes to the Boston Red Sox, pitchers Chris Sale and Eduardo Rodriguez would be remiss not to have informed free agent signing Martin Perez about the traffic situation in the city.

In the second episode of “Red Sox All-Access,” the starters forewarn Perez about parallel parking before he had to see Southie for himself, (you can watch a shortened clip here).

The conversation started with Rodriguez suggesting Sale get a Lamborghini, followed by an emphatic “no” from Sale. That prompted a conversation about the difficulties of driving that intrigued Perez.

“Oh my God, when you get to Boston you’re gonna see our parking situation,” Sale said to Perez after explaining to Rodriguez why he bought an Audi to get around Boston instead of trying to navigate his truck or SUV around the narrow streets of the city.

“Well, when you parallel park and people literally just, like, run into you. And they’re like, ‘eh whatever. I’ll just take off.'”

Chris Sale signed a five-year, $145 million extension last season, so unless he gets traded, he’ll have to deal with Boston traffic for the foreseeable future. And if he hasn’t found a more convenient way to park and get around yet, the rest of us are certainly doomed.

Thumbnail photo via Andy Marlin/USA TODAY Sports Images