Should Cowboys Replace Dak Prescott With Tom Brady? Michael Irvin Weighs In

Michael Irvin just might have been sharing what he was hearing.

The Hall of Fame wide receiver recently caused quite a stir when he revealed he’d spoken to “very significant people” about the Dallas Cowboys potentially being interested in Tom Brady. Irvin later clarified none of these people were members of the Cowboys organization, but he did note they “will have a role in the whole process.”

But as for the Cowboys legend himself, he believes America’s Team would be foolish for moving on from Dak Prescott in favor of Brady.

“I said what somebody said. That should no way be taken as those are my thoughts on what should happen,” Irvin said, per the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “Ain’t no way in world that should happen. That would be insane. Are you kidding me? Are you out of your mind? It’s over for Tom.”

Skip Bayless couldn’t be further on the opposite end of this argument. The “Undisputed” co-host, a diehard Cowboys fan, practically is begging the franchise to go out and sign the six-time Super Bowl champion. The likelihood of that actually happening, though, appears to be slim.

Thumbnail photo via Tommy Gilligan/USA TODAY Sports Images