Tom Brady Or Ryan Tannehill? Jason Whitlock Lays Out Debate For Titans


The Tennessee Titans have quite the decision on their hands.

While previous reports have indicated Ryan Tannehill “isn’t leaving” Nashville, Titans brass at the NFL Scouting Combine seemed to be leaving the door open for a Tom Brady pursuit. Both Tannehill and Brady are eligible to become free agents when the new NFL year opens March 18.

Tannehill’s performance over the course of the Titans’ run to the AFC Championship Game can’t be minimized, but it’s fair to wonder if it was somewhat of a flash in the plan situation given how his tenure in Miami played out. The jury’s still out over whether Tannehill can actually lead a team in the Super Bowl, whereas Brady has done it more so than any other quarterback in league history.

So, how should the Titans, who appear on the cusp of a Lombardi Trophy, approach their QB conundrum this offseason? Jason Whitlock believes it all comes down to finances.

“For me, this all comes down to price. If Ryan Tannehill wants to take $23 million a year, $22 (million) and Tom Brady is asking for $30 (million), Brady’s not a better option if he’s that much more expensive than Tannehill. If Tannehill’s looking to break the bank and is asking for money that’s cost-prohibited, then Tom Brady is the better roll of the dice because I guarantee you what Tennessee’s thinking, what Mike Vrabel’s thinking is it’s a win-now league. Like, ‘Damn, we were right there and if we had better quarterback play against the Chiefs, might we have won an upset?’

It remains to be seen what either quarterback seeks monetarily. Although some reports have indicated the New England Patriots are willing to offer Brady north of $30 million annually, Brady reportedly is not demanding that high of a figure and is instead prioritizing a strong supporting cast. As for Tannehill, who turns 32 in late July, this very well could be his last opportunity to cash in, and we know how desperate quarterback-needy teams can be.

Then again, there’s always a chance Tennessee never has the opportunity to actually pursue Brady. The Patriots have exclusive negotiating rights with the future Hall of Famer until March 16, and the franchise reportedly is meeting with TB12’s agent this week in Indianapolis.

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