Why Nate Burleson Believes Tom Brady’s Free Agency Is ‘No Big Deal’


Tom Brady’s impending free agency is all the rage in the football world, but Nate Burleson believes it will have an anticlimactic conclusion.

Hypotheticals regarding Brady’s next step seem to churn out by the day. The Los Angeles Chargers reportedly are interested in replacing Philip Rivers with Brady, who reportedly is also coveted by the Raiders to be the quarterback for their inaugural season in Las Vegas. Hell, we’ve even heard fone sports pundit advise the San Francisco 49ers to cut bait with Jimmy Garoppolo in favor of the 42-year-old.

But when all is said and done, Burleson believes Brady will carry on in the same place he’s been since 2000. As such, the former NFL wide receiver isn’t sure why there’s so much commotion.

“No big deal. I don’t understand what all the panic is about. Tom Brady is going to be a Patriot next year,” Burleson said Tuesday on NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football.” “Why would he go anywhere else? Tom Brady’s the greatest quarterback of all time, but he’s also the greatest system player of all time. Why would he go somewhere else and risk being in a different system with different players? He’s going to stay in New England, where he is looked at as a god and he’s going to ride off into the sunset whether he wins a Super Bowl or not. He’s not going to do what Michael Jordan did and go play with the Wizards. He’s going to be a Patriot next season.”

If the Patriots are in the cards for Brady, the sides reportedly haven’t begun negotiations on a new contract. New England is prepared to go all-in for the franchise’s greatest player, though, as it reportedly is willing to offer the future Hall of Famer upward of $30 million annually to stay in Foxboro.

Thumbnail photo via James Lang/USA TODAY Sports Images

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