Watching life flash before your eyes can change a person.

Just ask Carmelo Anthony.

The Portland Trail Blazers star took to Instagram Live on Friday where he spoke with former Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade about their longtime friendship when Wade’s wife, actress Gabrielle Union, asked Anthony to tell the story about how LeBron James once saved his life.

So, naturally, he obliged.

“We jumped off the boat in the Bahamas, everybody swam to the little grotto over there, underneath. Then we came out. All y’all went to the boat,” Anthony told retired star Dwyane Wade via Instagram on Friday, as transcribed by SB Nation. “It was my fault though, because I’m still trying to see the last little bit of the barracudas snorkeling and all that. It was my fault. Then I look up, and the current is taking me in the middle of the ocean opposite from the boat.”

Anthony said his mind was racing until James came to the rescue.

“Then I look up at the boat, and I see Bron jump off the boat like he’s MacGyver. He jumps off the boat into the water. He was bringing me back with one arm. He’s swimming with the other arm. He’s carrying me in one arm.

“… He saved my life. I can’t hold you. He saved my life, he saved my life. Yo Bron, I appreciate that, you saved my life that day. Them little flippers wasn’t working for me.”

Check it out, via House of Highlights:

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Thumbnail photo via Wendell Cruz/USA TODAY Sports Images